Make your living space a source of personnal development.
Feng Shui, an ancient disciplin and a branch of Chinese medecine, allows you to analyze your living space to make it a source of harmony and renewal. By analyzing your home you
may understand your functioning, get to know yourself better, and foster changes which promote  personnal well-being.

– Develop a business
– Organize your life better
– Choose a place to live
– Achieve personal fulfillment
– Improve your relationships
– Sleep better
– Enhance harmony in your family

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«My home, My Mirror»
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Get initiated to Feng Shui
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Feng-Shui : Healing your sweet home

Have you ever noticed how some places change your mood once you step in? How you immediately feel relaxed or happier when you enter a certain room or apartment? This is happening because you are in constant interaction with your direct environment, and the place you live in reflects on your inner energy, and of course, your health.

The science behind the interaction between your inner soul and your home has a name, and is a branch of Chinese medicine that has existed for thousands of years: the disciplin of Feng Shui.

Hundreds of little details remain unnoticed in our daily connection with the place we call our home, and yet have a tremendous effect on our life, how we deal with stress, and our relations with the loved ones we share the space with.

Like, for example, a painting depicting two angry “luchadores” facing the room of conflicting siblings. Or a neutrally colored marital room you don’t feel comfortable in, without knowing that you need fire (orange, red colors) to activate your own energy.

A cliente ask me for  Feng shui diagnostic to help her choosing colors.

“When I decided to settle down, buy my new apartment and decorate it, little did I know how the science of Feng shui would help me design a place where the light, the material, the circulation of energy would fit my personality so well. As an “Earth”person (as defined by my Gua number) I learnt that clay-green was a perfect color, and south-east the right orientation to help me restore a restful sleep again. I also discovered the best place in my house to work and deal with my money concerns, where I would feel energized and ready to solve any problem.”

It works for your home, for a company and for a shop.

The right space’s organization allows to increase productivity and the general well-being. Feng Shui expertise is an opportunity to know  how healing your home  in order to bring more harmony and good energies in your life.